Ia Mission

Got bad news today. Chance got selected for the IA mission to somewhere in Afghanistan... I'm upset and I don't want him gone. He's getting sent to Texas to learn some more stuff before he's sent out. This is killing me more then anything. How out of 233 sailors was mine picked to do something so dangerous. I'll support him through it all but god does it suck.
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That's exactly what I'm feeling. I'm supporting him and I know he can do it but he's mine... I want him home... Thanks for your prayers... We need them more then anything... This is a hard thing that were dealing with.

Yeah it does... he probably was picked as an honor, a compliment to his excellence as a sailor, but I would be upset if I were in your shoes, not from lack of faith that he'd excel or shortage of pride in him, but simply because when it's YOUR boyfriend deploying to a potentially volatile and dangerous situation it's so hard... my thoughts and prayers are with you & Chance, breathe deep and pray- everything will be all right