Best News Ever

my boyfriend set to leave in 3 weeks isnt getting deployed now!!!!!!! somone else volunteered to take his spot and he's staying home!!!!!
the best news i've heard in a long time. and he's putting in for leave to come see me!!!!!!!!!!! i'm SO over the moon!!!!!!!!!!
sugarbean021 sugarbean021
5 Responses Jul 22, 2010

no actually we were going through a rough point, and he volunteered for it.... then regreted it later, cuz he didnt talk to me about it.....

Was he selected for an IA mission? My boyfriend just got chose for one yesterday...

thanks to a REALLY good friend of his, he got out of it, i feel like a weight has been lifted, and i cant wait to wrap my arms around my sailor!! thank u guys!!!!!!! i wish u all the best of luck too!!!

YAY!!! That's great!! Like Adamsgf said, miracles do happen!!

Yay!! So happy for you!!! And for you baby, too... miracles DO happen :)