Today Is Not A Good Day

I know it's only been a few days since he's been gone but i keep wondering if im going to make it through this. He's truly an amazing man and i am so proud of him. It's just so hard not hearing his voice. I can't not wait to receive a letter from him. I keep wondering what he's doing at this moment wondering if he's thinking about me at all. It also sucks that i will most likely not be able to go to his graduation because I will be in school. Do they get stationed right after boot camp? I have so many questions but i don't even know where to begin. I know this time apart will make us stronger though.
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I can understand where your coming from. Walter and I were only together for 2 months before he left but he is absoltuly the man of my dreams. I can honestly say that I would love to spend the rest of my life with him and be perfectly happy. For the first few days I was a wreck all I did was cry. And then I joined this site. Let me tell you these women are amazing. We know exactly what your going through and we will always be there for you. You will get through this. Your a strong woman your dating a Navy boy after all :) Write as many letters as possible. He's only been gone a little over a week and I've already written 6. I can't wait to get his address so I can start sending them. Just know by the time he gets home you guys will be stronger than ever. We love our men and they love us. We will all get through this together. Your never alone remember that. Stay positive. Im in school also and it also doesnt start until August 23rd. Untill then Im working and hanging out with friends as much as possible. Pick up a hobbie. I just quit smoking cigarettes so my new addiction is running. Remember you are a strong woman who can get through anything :)

I can not wait to receive my first lefter. Im going to be so nervous to open it. But we will definetly be stronger after this. Ive never had to go through anything like this before. Totally new experience and im not usually good at new experience but this one is going to change my life. I can feel it and im so excited about it :) Thanks girls for all the encouragement. If you gals need anything im always here for you :)

I'm almost half way done with boot camp, lol. I mean Cameron, of course. You get used to it after a while. You think, "How is that possible," but it does happen. It doesn't mean that you love him less or stop caring about him. I feel much closer to him even though he's a thousand miles away from me at the moment :/ Once you get your letters time speeds up a little. Before you know it Thursday is here again and you have enough happiness from that letter to make it through another week. Don't doubt yourself. You've got this :)

He literally will not be allowed to wirte a letter until 2-3 weeks in, depends on his RDC, his mom should get his form letter with his address about 10-14 days after his arrival, Idk if u are close with his mom, luckily Adam's mom & I are wicked tight..but call her and ask about it after 10 days. I thought I was going to lose it, too, I did alittle, but trust me, he's thinking about you constantly, and will appreciate you so much more after boot camp is over. Get through the first 3 weeks and you'll be fine, this site has some awesome strong women on it, we're here for you!!!

Thank you so much! I just started writing him today...haven't found out his address yet. Hopefully his mom will call me with it as soon as she gets it. I think thats my biggest fear right now is that she'll forget to give me the address and he'll think i forgot about him. Which i could never do he's been on my mind non stop since monday when he left my house. That was the hardest thing I've had to go through in the longest time. I finally find this amazing man and he has to leave me. But I am so proud of him. Will he write to me first? Im so glad that i found this site or i think i may have gone crazy lol.

The beginning of boot camp is REALLY hard, it will get better. Keep yourself busy, get out of the house as much as possible...I used to take my neighbors 8 dauschunds for looong walks just to keep my mind off missing my boyfriend. After 3-3 1/2 weeks you will probably get your first letter, and maybe a phone call at 3 weeks, too- that's a priviledge, not guaranteed. Your boyfriend will go to A-school a few days after PIR, you can mail him his cell phone once in A-school. And yes, he's thinking about you...a lot! Write him often, my boyfriend said my letters kept him going, send a nice wallet sized picture of yourself, too.Oh yeah, and they hold their mail for like 2-3weeks too, so even if you start sending him letters as soon as you get his address, he won't get them right away. Feel free to message me with any ?, I was where you're at a few months ago, I survived :) you will too!