Corpsman's Girls, I Need Help!

So I got a letter from my boyfriend yesterday. As most of you know, he is in bootcamp right now at the Great Lakes location and he is set to graduate next week. After bootcamp he goes to A School to become a corpsman. He is going right across the street from his bootcamp, so he will still be in Great Lakes. In his letter he asked me to ask you ladies a few questions about what your boyfriends have gone through with corpsman A School.
1. When will he get liberty? How long will it take for him to be able to spend the whole weekends out/when will I be able to fly out and visit him?
2. Is he allowed to come home on the weekends once he is able to spend the whole weekend out?
3. He also wanted me to ask about picking assignments, but I don't know how to phrase it in a question because I dont know what that means.
4. Repeat above, only about duty weekends.

Now, I have some questions for you girls that have a corpsman for a boyfriend:
1. What is A School like for me, at home? Is the communication easier? Will I be able to call him and will he be able to call me?
2. How likely is it for a corpsman to get deployed? How likely is it for a corpsman to get deployed somewhere dangerous, like Iraq or Afghanistan?
3. Will he be forced to work with the Marines?
4. His recruiter said that if he does well in A School, he will get to pick where he is stationed. How true is this?

I'm sorry to bombard you guys with this, I just feel like his recruiter really lied a lot and I feel like I know nothing about what is going to happen in the future. I just want to know what to expect.

On a happier note, my boyfriend's division flagged 4 times and he won a phone call. I got to talk to him for about 30 minutes and it was amazing. We discussed marriage and..... we decided to get engaged when he is finished bootcamp! He asked me to marry him over the phone, but he said that he wants to do it again in person. I'm really happy but it kind of sucks because I have to keep it a secret for now because I want him to be the one to tell his mother - she doesn't like me very much.

Oh well, this post is super long, I guess I'll end it now. I just couldn't wait to share my news hahah. And if anyone could answer those questions for me, that would be amazing.
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My boyfriend will be heading to A-School in Pensacola in 2 weeks... for his duty station selections this is how I heard they handle it.<br />
<br />
Towards the end of A-School the instructors will give them something called a "dream sheet'. The sailor will list his top 3 selections for where he would want to be stationed. When open orders become available - sailors with the highest GPA's get top choice of orders. Granted, sometimes there just won't be availability in certain areas and the Navy WILL put them where they are I got a 30 minute phone call Saturday and I told him he better be studying his a$$ off at A-School, because I DO NOT want him getting stationed out of the country. Unless we get married before he completes it in October, than they can station him anywhere they want. That's the only scary thing. His dreamlist is NAS Jacksonville, FL, Norfolk VA, and I'm thinking Pensacola FL. But anywhere stateside and we'll be happy.

Hey! (: Another thing or two, they have 3 phases of liberty. The first they have to be home by a certain time every night. The second they can leave base but have on weekends but can't stay out as much I think. And then the 3rd they pretty much have quite a bit of freedom. But in A school they have certain millage they can go. My fiancé isn't aloud to go 100 miles outside of base when he's in school. But that's in Conneticut, but I know some girls who's boys are still in Great Lakes an it works pretty much the same way. (: