Great News!

Chance just got word this morning that he was to important to his ship to be sent to Afghanistan :) yay for c53 sonar techs! I am so happy and relieved. The only problem is that he is being negative because now he'll be working for less money. :( how do I deal with his negativity?
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3 Responses Jul 23, 2010

Hahaha, ahhhh. Well, what more can you do..?? Lol, He's in Connecticut for sub school right now. And yours?

My first will be this November. I'm not excited at all but he's all about the money so if he's happy I'll do what I can! Where is your man stationed?

Remind him that he'll be safe!!! No amount of money is worth his safety. My man is a sonar tech too! Haha, have you done a deployment yet?