SO I got another letter from Slade, this time I was dissapointed to even read what he wrote me. All he talked about was basic, what he's doing there, his new friends, blah blah blah. Of course i'm hapy to hear he is doing good, but is it really selfish of me to be a little sad when not once did he even mention he missed me? Literally, not once. The entire two page letter consisted of whats happening. Is this normal? I don't think it is, and it has me SO worried. Not to mention I can't afford the plane ticket to see his graduation, so i'm doubly dissapointed:( ugh. Anybody else gone through something similar?
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Yeah, we got this! Haha, the thing about Slade though is he IS verbally expressive, like hardcore. He wrote me a poem once. :/ Thanks for the advice guys! :)

That's basically what my first two letters were. When I got mail for the third week it was a little more personal but not too much. I do agree with Adamsgf, at least he's writing. Hang in there, you're not the only one having a tough time with boot camp. I am too. We've got this, though :)

Aw girl, some guys are not verbally expresssive, at least he's writing you, that means he's thinking of you, stay strong and confident...keep writing as much as u can, that will mean alot to him...:) everything's going to be all right- so says Bob Marley, lol