Such A Hard Day.

My boyfriend Alex and I have only been dating a month, he's been deployed for a week now and I have about 3 more weeks until he comes home. I kow I'm lucky I got a short deployment. This was a good thing when I became pregnant. I wasn't planning on telling him until he got home, He didnt' need to be thinking about that while he was gone, especially on such a short deployment. Until, I miscarried. I called him up in tears and told him I miscarried and he was like Really? He didn't know what to say cause He didn't even know I was pregnant. It was a very early miscarraige, I cried so much yesterday. I felt so alone, I couldn't talk to him til about 11 at night  my time. We talked about it and he was really sweet and supportive. I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend! We've gone through so much and our relaitonship is so new. I hope maybe all things smooth out a little. :)
WiklinsSweetie WiklinsSweetie
Jul 24, 2010