Concerns About Graduation

Me and my boyfriend Brad have been together only five months and he wants me to come to his graduation on August 6th. I'm flying from Georgia to Great Lakes and I'm really nervous. I was just wondering if there is anything I should know before hand. Like what to wear, certain rules, leave time, etc. Anything will be so much help.
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Yea I'll just be happy to see him. And he's gonna be a nuke so his school wont be far from home. Hopefully that'll make things easier. Thanks for all the help I really appreciate it :)

high 80's during day, light breeze & drop in temp if your lucky @ night...bring a light hoodie & jeans Good for you, I went with my bf's fam, too, a weekend I'll never forget. Oh and take lots of pictures! have someone in his fam take a bunch of the two of you while he's in his dress hot, you'll appreciate it later when he's in a-school!

Thanks this helps alot. He won't be late though we'll be with his family too. And will it be warm up there at this time of year?

My bf grad 6/11, I wore cute sundress and high heel sandals, totally kept flip-flops in my purse for all the standing, WAITING...make sure you have picture ID and parking pass-downloadable if u have trouble msg me, curfew is usually 2100, and hon if they're not in line at 2100, they lose their liberty for rest of weekend. You're not supposed to kiss your sailor or show PDA's while on base, no hand-holding, he can offer you his left arm to hold so he can salute with his right should a superior officer pass by.. that said, I ran down bleachers in heels, screamed his name and jumped on him like a linebacker tackles.. not particularly smart or classy move but we both still laugh about it...have a great time!