Need Some Serious Advice.

Okay, I hate being in this situation so I guess I'll just say it. Cameron graduates August 27th from boot camp. He wants me to come very badly, or so he says.. His father pitched a hissy fit because he put me on the auto-clearance list in stead of his stepmother. His mom and dad are both remarried, by the way. The woman didn't riase him and tended to split while Cameron and his brother visited their dad. The original list we received had me on it but his mother told him about his dad who was too cowardly to actually write his own son. Cameron still hasn't gotten any mail from his father. Oh, and his dad said he was going to call me and say I should step up and say I wasn't going because my going would tear apart the family. I really don't think Cameron needs all this drama while he is away. I already have plane tickets and a hotel booked and I got a letter in the mail saying he took me off the list because of all this. My mom said that if I don't have a 100% chance of getting in and staying with his parents that I will not board that plane to Chicago. I can understand my mother's concerns. She also thinks it's weak of him not to stand up for what he truely wants... I am only assuming it's me but since all of this is happening I'm not exactly sure. I've gotten more mail than any of his family members and they all say he's excited to see me soon and he loves me. I have never doubted him until now. I have written him a letter informing him that I will not be able to go to his graduation unless I am guarenteed a spot. It sucks to have to literally make him choose between me and his witch of a stepmother but that's 500 dollars I've spent already for him. Have I done the right thing writing him or should I just let it go and stay at home. I want to know from people who have possibly been in my place but trust me, at this point ANY advice would help. Thank you :)

P.S.- Sorry this is so long :P 
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It's beyond the right thing. If he's not willing to grow some and stand up to his family then there's a problem. I will say that there are ways you can get in even if you aren't on the list. My mom came last minute and she was able to make it in. I also have a friend who had 8 family members go. But hopefully he'll be able to change it and will get some guts and do it. Hope that helps. (:

It does. I'm just pretty upset with all this. His dad and stepmom are acting like children. They have made me feel so unwelcomed when before I thought they liked me.. Oh well. I should know what all this has come to in about a week and a half.. Dumb snail mail.

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no i think you did the right thing in telling cam exactly whats going on i mean yeah it really sucks that you and him are having to deal with all of this and 500 dollars is a lot of money to spend on something that right now may or may not be a sure thing. <br />
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hope this helps<br />