Uss George Washington!

I finally know what boat his in(: hahha. It makes me happy for some reason! Every time I learn something new bout my sailors life in the navy makes me smile! Does anyone have a love one on USS George Washington? Comment(:
ChelleGuido ChelleGuido
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5 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Haha, maybe they have met? I should ask him! Lol. I forgot to ask you, how old are you?

Yeah, I hope he calls soon! And he told me that they were going to Philippines next? I get emails everyday but it's not the same as talking to him on the phone. It makes me miss him more"/ no, he fixes plane engines and stuff

Yeah, I haven't gotten a call & I can tell I'm getting annoyed by just the random things. I guess I just need to hear his voice to keep my composure"/ his an airman? I think thts what it's called?

Oh cool(: how long has he been in the navy?

Yay(: haha. That's really awsome your sailor and mine are in the same place! What does your sailor do? And I wish I could visit him but I'm not old enough and my patents won't let me"/