Questions That I Don't Want To Wait To Ask!

I leave Thursday morning for my boyfriends graduation! I am so excited and just want it to come already. With that excitment there are a ton of questions that i dont want to wait to ask him lol. he only got one phone call :( but during that call he told me he gets to come home for thanksgiving and christmas during A-school. is that true? and how long do they get? thanks!
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2 Responses Jul 26, 2010

ok so i just got conformation (friend in the army just texted) about the duty section for the holidays, him getting home for christmas ect. will depend on which duty section has the holiday work. <br />
im sorry. i hope you guys get lucky and he can have the time. i hated this when i first herd it. but there is nothing we can do. :( just hang in there, you may not see him on the exact days you want, but when you do get the time, you forget about all that and are just happy to be with eachother. :)

ok dont quote me on this, but if i remember right. leave depends on how many days he has built up, how much he has used already, and whether or not his section has duty on the holidays.<br />
it sounds bad i know, but even if you dont get to see him on any holidays, those are leave days he can use later. so say when he is transfering to another base, they give them a lot of time to get from one place to the next, he may be able to take some leave time in additon to that, and fly out to see you. <br />
but he will be able to tell you in more detail when he gets settled in A school.