On A Lighter Note

ok is it just me, or am i nuts for thinking we are the luckyst girls out there?
reasons why i think this.

1 really cute guys tend to join the navy
2 their uniforms look better than any other branch of the military
3 if they were cute to begin with, after they have their uniform on, it just makes them even hotter
4 navy guys are really smart
5 navy guys are very compassionate with their girls
6 they know how to have great partys
7 our men always miss us
8 give us attention when ever they have free time
9 they are strong, in both mind and body
10 and they love us through all the tough times, weather they can express it or not.
steffide steffide
26-30, F
5 Responses Jul 26, 2010

very true!

<333333 its not just you, i believe that aswell =))))))))))))

love it! we ARE so luck! i am so proud to call myself a navy girlfriend!

thats super cute and TRUE!! love it

I so agree with you lol I think we definitely are the luckiest girls out there :D