What To Wear To Graduation!?

So as you may know my boyfriend graduates friday! i have a cute sun dress that i was planning on wearing..but there are two things..its only supposed to be 75 degrees and im wondering if im going to be too dressed up. i dont want to stand out and look over dressed. what do you girls think? thanks!!
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2 Responses Jul 28, 2010

You definitely won't stand out. Lots of people dress up and some people don't. Its really all up to you. I wore a dress and I saw a lot of people there that were pretty dressed up too. (:

Hello! First of all congrats on your sailor graduating! I'll be heading to Chicago a week from tomorrow to see mine do the same if all goes as planned! :)<br />
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I don't think you'd be too dressy. I have a strapless sundress that's floral and blue... going to put a white cardigan/sweater type thing over it because they blast the A/C in there apparently... and wear maybe flip flops to dress it down a bit. Some people wear slacks, dresses, jeans... everyone will be so in awe of how the Sailors look, I don't think you'll be judged either way haha!