Battle Stations

Ok, so Andrew is doing his Battle Stations as we speak. Keep your fingers crossed!

On the other hand, I'm leaving for Chicago tonight. We are driving through the night, then resting up at the hotel tomorrow. Tomorrow night we are going to the meet and greet at the Ramada Inn in Waukeegan. Is anyone else going? It would be so awesome if some of you girls were going to be there.

Im really nervous about being stuck with his family all weekend... I've never really gotten along with his mom. But I am SOOO excited to see Andrew, my heart is just racing.

Girls, please keep your fingers crossed for me and my guy. He is doing Battle Stations, and I feel like I'm about to go into battle with his family... hahaha. But seriously, I say a prayer every night for each and every one of you girls on here and your sailors. Thanks for being here for me!
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3 Responses Jul 28, 2010

i wish andrew and you good luck with battle station.. and im going to be going up there to but not for a while but i was hopping if you can tell me how it is???

yay i hope everything works out :) ooohh make sure if u get to talk to him to arrange a meeting place once they call liberty cause findng ur sailor can take time some time!!! enjoy ur time with him and hope u pass ur battle stations with his family

Hey there! My sailor is doing battle stations on Tuesday of next week so I'll be heading to GL then by plane. We're staying at the Ramada so I'll probably be going to the meet and greet - missing you by a week haha. What's your username on N4M? I've been on that site a lot just started using this one really. Good luck to Andrew, I know he's probably finished BS21 by now but still hoping for you! :)