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Well i had to say bye to my baby July 27 at his hotel room because we live in California and he going to Chicago. He left yesterday for Chicago , he was able to call me from the airport to tell me he was doing okay and what time he leave and get there and to say i love you. Which made my day, i was so happy to know he call me and i know more now than ever he really cares because he took the time to call me. last night he called his mom and said he made it safe and his mom call me to tell me but it hit again that i wont be able to talk to him for two months. and it kills me inside, i cant even work out because my stomach hurts so bad when i run, which i hope is nothing serious and i feel nausea. All i have left of him is a shirt that smell just like him that i sleep with, and thousand of picture that i took of him and i during our crazy trips. But i just cant stand the feeling i have and i know it will get better as time goes by but idk how long it will take me to feel better. And i just cant wait to write to him , because i get to hold something he wrote. i just hope this two months go by fast. But i have to learn to be strong for him, because he learning to be strong for me and for him self and i know that something he would like. like my baby always say i have to "man up" ;p but for now it just sucks.......
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that very cool your man is in chicago too at the same time, and that would be funny if they were in the same division. But yes it does help to know there ppl out there going through the same thing, and feeling the same way as i do. and same for you if u need anything or want to talk just write me. :p

Yep, Ron's at the same place as your man. They got there the same day too since he got there on the 28th. Maybe they'll end up in the same division; That'd be pretty cool since they'd be close, and they could say their girls are talking online. lol. If you need to talk, feel free to talk to me. We're at the same stage, so maybe it'll help to have someone going through the same thing as you at the same time. =]