Navyfor Moms Site =(

I’m not sure how many of you all are familiar with the NAVYforMOMs website but I was referred to join. I joined and was very impressed with all the insightful information they had to offer but when I continued to browse through some of the forums BOY WAS I SURPRISED. BOY are they rude to Navy Girlfriends!!!!! I totally wasn’t ready for that. I’m not sure if I’m just spoiled by the kindness of everyone on this sight or something but I totally wasn’t ready for that at all.

The site is open to everyone who supports their sailor but I started realize that most people on the sight were very rude to everyone but Parents and Wives.  There are a couple groups for girlfriends but most of the other groups and forums are horrible.  These overbearing Mothers had the nerve to comment about how their sons had girlfriends that they felt were getting in the way of their mother son relationships and how they hoped that their sons forgot about their girlfriends once they left. Man I think this is so sad. Another comment was about how they were upset that girlfriends get invited to graduations and I almost blew my lid. I’m women enough to not pick a fight with someones mom and I’m defiantly not a “cyber bully” BUT boy did I want to speak my mind.  
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I know what you mean! Gosh, that site was horrible. I like this one so much more. <br />
My fiance's mother is...uhm...I don't have the correct word for her. <br />
She hates my guts and thinks I'm going to ruin Ron's life and he's making a huge mistake by marrying me. She flipped out when he sent his formal letter to me (because he knows I'm a nice enough person to get the address to his parents, whereas they wouldn't have extended the same gesture) and threatened to slash my tires so I couldn't go to graduation!! (I live in Missouri, so I'll be driving instead of flying). The weird thing is, she was like this towards me before Ron joined the Navy. It just got worse now that he actually left.<br />
Crazy woman.<br />
But yea, definitely stay here. Everyone's so nice here. I haven't encountered one negative person. =]

My boyfriend's mom and I are close but I know how militart mothers can be. I totally agree with akchristiangirl. I'm sure that's exactly what they are thinking.

My boyfriend's mom and I are close but I know how militart mothers can be. I totally agree with akchristiangirl. I'm sure that's exactly what they are thinking.

OMGGGGG. Ok, I joined the site, and then never got back on. I was like NOPE. I couldn't take it either!! I've noticed, with a lot of the girls I've become friends with on this site is that there is nothing worse than a military mother. They're AWFUL. Beyond controlling and overbearing. And I think just scared that their boys are growing up and will soon be choosing their girlfriends over them. And those girlfriends will become fiancé and soon wives. And they as the mothers will no longer be the most important. Sorry, I freaked out when I saw that too and I couldn't agree more. I try to stay off it as much as possible. Girls are here are about a million times better. (:

i am so lucky my boyfriends mom loves me. its important to have her support as well. I think if anyone finds themselves reading negative things line that just SHUT OFF the computer its not good for you to keep on reading. or just log onto expirance project :)

yeah. this group is great. and dont get me wrong there are a couple groups on the Navy for Moms site that support Girlfriends. You just have to steer clear of the girlfriend bashing members who think that girls just wanna trap their sons into marrying them.

when my boyfriend first told me he wanted to join the navy i went to google right away and put in "being a navy girlfriend" and for weeks i just read stories about cheating from the boyfriends and girlfriends and how distance never works and just some pretty negative things. i was soo happy when i found this site.. i love it.. but i only found it when my boyfriend told me to google "positive things about being a navy girlfriend" haha so i have to thank him