My First Love

My name is Ashley and I am 25 years old. I met my boyfriend Chris when I was 15 in an online chat room. He was my very first love. We dated for about 9 months and then it ended as most young romances do. We have remained very close friends over the years and have always had an undenyably special bond. At 18 Chris joined the Navy and we pretty much went about our own lives. I was in a long serious relationship and chris got married. We still kept in touch with emails and occasional phone calls. We would go through periods where we wouldn't talk for months and then there were times where we would talk everyday for a month. Eventually my longterm realtionship ended and Chris got divorced and we began talking a lot more. We had an on-going joke that if neither of us were married by the time we were 30 we were going to marry eachother. This year everything changed for Chris and I. He had been promising me for about 2 years that he was going to fly me out to Seattle where he is stationed to visit him so finally in April he pulled through and I left my warm sunny state of Florida to fly all the way across the country to Seattle. I thought I was just going on vacation to visit a close friend but I was so wrong. While I was there all of our old feelings came back and it was so perfect. I had found my soulmate. We talked everyday after I left and began making plans for our future. I was planning on moving to Seattle in September. He came to visit me in Florida and it was the best ten days of my life. Then everythng came crashing down. He got the news that he was deploying and everything changed. He hasn't left yet but his team has, which has made things so much worse. He hurt his arm and is now on medical hold, so as of right now everything is up in limbo. Including what is going to happen with us.
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If you guys are soul mates you guys will make things work no matter the distance. We're always here for you! (: