Navy Girlfriend

Hi, my name is Jen. I'm 24, and my boyfriend (Luna) is 20. We've been together for just about 4 years now. Ever since we got together we have been attached at hip. We do everything together, best friends, the works! He joined the Navy last Thursday (7/29) as a air rescue swimmer, and his ship out date is in a year (7/6/2011). I'm so proud of him, hes really giving it his all. I know i have a whole year to worry about this but its just stuck in my head. I'm just really afraid of how hard this is gonna be. I stumbled upon this site looking for any kind of info or anything at all that was about navy girlfriends, read some stories, and cried my heart out the whole time i read them. i kind of hoped the stories would make me feel better and get me more prepared for whats to come but they mostly opened my eyes to how much its gonna hurt... i know its gonna be supppper hard and super lonely being that i don't really have any friends because he is my life. he IS my friend, and i feel like i don't really need anyone else when hes around. This is so upsetting. i know i need to enjoy the time we have left together but when im alone (we dont live together yet) i just think...too much it seems and it just makes things harder. we plan to get married after he gets well into his a-school, when we can at least spend a bit of time with each other. can anyone relate?
jljessee jljessee
22-25, F
Jul 31, 2010