Bad Dayy

I didn't really expect my boyfriend to call me because I knew that it wasn't guaranteed so I didn't get my hopes up. After work at 5pm on Thursday, I checked my phone and had SIX missed calls from a weird number. I saw I had 2 voicemails and my heart dropped. It was my boyfriend!! 

 I didn't have my phone on me because my stupid manager recently made this "no phones" rule at work. And that's because I had my phone with me at 2pm because I went to the bank for my manager, and I was supposed to get off at 3 but I ended up having to stay. He called around 3ish too. It was like everything that could've went wrong, did go wrong. It sucked, I was so upset!

 When I got home, I found 3 letters in the mailbox for me from him though! And I got another from him the next day. That made me feel a little better but I still can't believe I missed his calls. I'm still down about it. I have my phone with me at all times now, but I doubt he'll call again. frown

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2 Responses Aug 1, 2010

Thankss! And oh yeah my phone is like glued to me now! lol (:

Cameron was able to call home twice before he called to tell me he passed battle stations. I'm sure he'll earn another call in a few weeks. Just make sure your phone stays on you at all times! :D