Finally... My Turn

After almost 6 months apart since he left for the Navy, I finally got to see my sailor.

Sometimes when my boyfriend does surprises, he'll give me a hint first. So, when he told me that "someone special" was coming to my final performance of a play I'm in here, I got really hopeful that he meant himself. Well, I had gotten my hopes up about that a million times before, so I mentally beat myself up for getting my hopes up again. He began giving me short and weird phone calls, and I was getting pretty frustrated because I really wanted to ask him what he was up to. Somewhere deep inside, I knew already though.

It turns out that he and two buddies had driven countless hours (about 20) in his new-er car so he could spend the weekend with me and see my show. When he walked into my house yesterday morning, I was in shock! I couldn't believe that he was really here.

I spent yesterday trying to cram in time with him before my show and afterwards we all crashed at a friend's house. This morning we went out to the lake and I had fun hanging out in the boat and tubing with him and his friends. On our way home from the lake I started crying because I knew I wouldn't have much time left with him when we got there. He's been gone for 4 hours or so and I'm feeling back to normal. It should only be a month till he comes home on leave since he's undesignated after leaving BUDS. I'm sad now, but these past two days have made all the tears worth it.

I feel like we got the reunion we've been waiting for, even if it was shorter than we would have liked.
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2 Responses Aug 1, 2010

How he suprised you like that is soo sweet.

aww thats great that he surprised you like that i'm happy you finally got to c him