Finally....the Day Is Almost Here

My bf Tyler and I are working on our first deployment together and it is finally coming to and end after 3 long months of weekly or by weekly emails and the one phone call I got from him in July it is finally all coming to an end I have been waiting for what feel like forever to see him and I am finally getting to see him this Friday! I fly out to WA on Friday and get to spend 2 full weeks with him at last! At first I got an email from him saying how much he wanted to see me once he got back from deployment so once I got the ok from my mom I went to work busting my *** to scrape up the money needed for the trip... well Tyler being the amazing bf he is arranged for one of his friends to send me money to help me with the cost of the flight. So after 3 long stressful months of waiting scrambling to get the money together and making deals with my mom and my petty officer that I would pass my ASVAB for the navy it is finally coming together and I am getting to see him and I am beyond excited!! 
This week I hope to god goes by fast I have a feeling it will since I have to do MEPS sometime this week before I leave for my trip so that once I get back I can pick my job for the navy and then wait to get shipped out to boot camp.  So as of 10:10 there time on Friday night I will finally be in the arms of my sailor and I can’t wait!!!
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2 Responses Aug 1, 2010

finally it is almost friday i am super excited although i just got a text from my sailor telling me he was not getting in till the 7th :( oh well i am still flying in tomorrow to WA n just staying in a hotel for the night so i have to wait one more day to see him that will just make it even better when i do :D

That's so exciting! I'm glad everything worked out for you and your plans for joining yourself!