I know it only been one week since sam left for the navy, but how long those it take for the formal letter to come im going crazy waiting for it. I just want to start writting letter and received them.. I want to read what he has to say and how everything is going. can someone please help me out and tell me how long does it  takes for the formal letter to come, and when will i receive his first letter?????
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that really cool, that what i call faith :) yah you told me what he said but now you got his letter and that it matters :)

I got Ron's form letter today. It was extremely depressing since it said pretty much the same stuff he told me on the phone the other night. I told you about that. I'm telling you this on here because it won't let me message you. I don't know why. >_<<br />
But if you get Sam's letter, let me know his division and ship.<br />
Ron is on Ship 3 and in Division 318<br />
(Really ironic since 3 is my favorite number and we got together on the third of a month. Even weirder is the fact his division is my birthday.)

okay that makes me feel so much better to know i should be getting his first letter soon. it been one week already so his formal letter should arrived in matter of days. :) thanks for the info and the help

You can send them all at once as long as the envelope is under 1 oz. If not you'll just need to add another stamp. But you can send as many letters in an envelope that will fit and as many envelopes as you want. It was exactly 3 weeks after he left that I got his first letter. (:

i been writting everyday since he left i have 5 letter already.. i was thinking of sending them all as soon as i get his address but i was not sure if to send them all at once or seperate? so it takes 3 weeks to receive his first letter. but are those three weeks after i receive his formal letter or counting the day he left???

Start writing right away! (: I wrote every day and had like 13 letters to send when I finally got to send them all. I live pretty far but it took 10 days to get the form letter and 3 weeks for his first letter to come. And that's pretty normal for what I've heard from everyone else. (: