March 2nd my boyfriend left for the navy.
WORST DAY OF MY LIFE. i cried for a whole month and cried myself to sleep.
this is the guy I see my future with and now I don't even see him.
My friends complain about how their boyfriends didn't call them last night
And my boyfriend didnt call me till March 24. 3 weeks after he left.
my life changed in a way i never thought it would. but i guess love makes you
do crazy things. I was so usted to seeing him every day to not seeing him at all.
waiting for his letters were hard and when I opened them and 
read them I couldnt help but cry. I wrote to him every day. He Graduated from 
boot camp April 30. My mom didnt let me go which destroyed me.
I cherish the times we talk through skype or through the phone
he was supost to come for Memorial day but he had duty that weekend.
ITs been 5 months and a day without him. And i just dont know what to do.
i love him. but i dont want to be away from him.
i get scared of not knowing when i will see him again

my friends just dont understand what I'm going through..
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3 Responses Aug 3, 2010

now hes in italy

my sailor is in Chicago <br />
and Im in atlanta

I understand... well where is he stationed at versus you?