Let Down Wednesday :(

Well my boyfriend left for bootcamp on july 8th and we got his first letter last wednesday!! he didnt have my address so he sent mine to his mom's house and it was 4 pages long! she read it to me over the phone while i was hiding in the bathroom at work. THEN he called me on Friday after he passed one of his tests (im not really sure which one). We only got to talk for 4 minutes but he told me hes doing really good and they gave him all 34 of his letters that tuesday. Anyway I was so excited because i was sure i was going to get his 2nd letter today but nothing came :(
I dont know if it's because i live in a different area then his parents so it might take a day longer or what. I was super let down though and couldn't think about anything else in class today. When i talked to him though he did say he can call me again in a week or two so ill just keep my hopes up for that! only 4 weeks until i fly to great lakes for graduation!!

I hope everyone is doing great :)
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1 Response Aug 4, 2010

I think the waiting part is the hardest part. I have spent the majority of last night sifting through emails, FB messages and pictures he sent me, including voicemail's. <br />
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I snapped at someone at school today (I'm in a summer class in college). They were arguing with their boyfriend cause he didn't text back immediately. I said at least you know he'll text back I don't know when I'll hear from mine. Last night he called but it got cut short as he cellphone died and I don't know when I will hear from him.<br />
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One day at a time, is what i tell myself.... and in the end it will be worth it. That is what gets me through the day. And counting down. I have a counter on my iPhone, that is available on iTouch too. It counts down and counts up. So I have our Anniversary date, the time my flight arrives in Maine to see him. Counting really has helped me.<br />
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I am not that far from Great Lakes ;-) <br />
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Good luck and if you need anything I am here.