Feeling Happy But Sad At The Same Time.

So my fiancee is in his final leg of training and has six weeks left before he comes home. He is in the reserves and we are hearing alot of rumors about him getting deployed next november. I am so happy that he is finally going to be home but now all I can think about is him getting deployed. I find myself sometimes wishing that his fmtb would never end! I want him home so badly but I also dont want to think about him going overseas and we try not to talk about it because he knows how much it scares me and I want to be tehre for him. does any one have advice on how to deal with this delema so that we are both able to find comfort. I know that it is scary for me since he is my best friend and the only one that really truly cares about me but I know that he wants to talk about the sitouation and I just try to change the subject and it upsets him. please if anyone can help me out I would appreciate it so much!
Chrissytina Chrissytina
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1 Response Aug 5, 2010

Hi! Im in the same boat, my boyfriend hasn't been deployed yet but I am dreading the day he does. He is itching to go and is so good at his job I feel bad for not being supportive but I know it will be so hard when he is gone.