About Our Future Mother-in-laws

In a different on-line (N4moms) group I became involved in a discussion re: our sailor's relationships with their moms vs. their relationships with us, their girlfriends...to make a long story short, I was surprised at how many navy gf's have difficult realtionships with their bf's mom's. My 'real' mom was never there for me and I left home @ 16, when I first met my boyfriend's mom she wasn't sure about me, mostly because I accidentally dyed my bf's mohawk hot pink..another long story :)
But after some time, and I wrote her cards/letters, she realized how much I love her son, and I promised her to always treat him well and take care of him, we became so close. It has helped my relationship with Adam SO much that his mom & I are bffs :) she is totally encouarging him to marry me ASAP
I just wanted to post up, if any of you ladies have problems with your future mil's, It has really helped me to try hard and be chill, understanding, now I'm doubly blessed because I have an awesome sailor discussing marriage with me and for the first time in my 32 yrs, a ma (adam's) who loves me
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I don't really have any great advice, I AM wicked lucky because Leanne (adam's mom) is such a wonderful person, and we have similar personalities, so we naturally just click. The only things I can think of is 1. don't dye your bf's hair pink..or blue she wasn't happy about either color, lol 2. Adam had made a totally inappropriate comment in front of her at Easter dinner once about us sharing a shower- could still kill him for that, so I went above and beyond to prove I was like Miss wholesome, like always volunteering to do dishes or help in kitchen at family events, going to church with her, writing thank you notes, ya know play the etiquette card... and 3. I have 2 kids, my oldest is 12. When his first 'girlfriend' stopped calling him my gut reaction was "little b*tch" without even finding out what caused their pre-teen break-up. Moms are super-protective and will ALWAYS take their child's side, so I try to keep that perspective in mind with my relationship. In my opinion, 99% of navy girlfriends are unselfish, patient, loving, dedicated, strong women..just the type of woman I'd want my own son to be with, so I hope you all get lucky like me with a sweet mil to be :)

I haven't met mine yet... well my boyfriend's mother (but we are already planning our future). Kevin and I met in college, and were friends... so there wasn't a point in meeting his mom lol. Well I do know she was against us dating when we first started. But that's cause she didn't want him to get hurt. She knows I'm in college and he's a thousand miles away. But she's slowly coming around. I think I get to meet her in November. And if Kevin gets leave in May he will bring her to my graduation. <br />
<br />
While I would like to be close to her. I mean Kevin talks to me way more than he does her. I'd like to keep her updated on what's going on. Maybe one day we'll get there, who knows.<br />
<br />
Glad you are close to yours.... hopefully that will be me soon.

Girl you are SO lucky. My future mil and I. Are like complete and total opposites. And find it hard to agree on much of anything. Sooo, any advice.? Lol, I find it hard to like talk to her because she's really kinda closed off. Andddd, it's not like she's the first person I hang out with when he's not around.