Letters @ Bootcamp

Hi! My boyfriend left for bootcamp on July 19th, I didn't receive his address until July 27th. As soon as I received his address I sent about 4 letters to him the very next day. I just received his 1st set of letters yesterday. I was so ecstatic to hear from him! It has been so hard to not only be away from him, but not to have any form of communication. He said in his last letter which was dated July 30th, that almost everyone in his compartment had received mail except for him. :( It broke my heart. Do you think it was just because he didn't receive them in time? How often are they given their mail? Also, his return address had a ship name as well ... not just a ship number. Do I need to include that in his address now? Although the letter he had sent his parents on the 27th with his address did not include that. Sorry for all the questions, I'm just devastated and want to know if he will be receiving my letters soon! :(

Thanks so much! Megan
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OMG i know this is an old post but i JUST had this happen last week, i was so excited to have FINNALY got letters then the last one he wrote was him telling me he crys at night wondering if their lost in the mail or if hes the last thing on my mind and im not sending them :( lets just say i had sent 10 by then! lol i am at this point right now waiting for the next letter to see if he got them!

Yes, it's probably just a mail timing thing...the ship name doesn't matter so much as the ship # and division#, they get mail call every night, and I'm sure he will get yours soon. Lots of girls first letters say that they haven't received any mail yet, mine included, so try not to worry...you may get a phone call from him in week 3 so keep your fingers crossed and cell charged...good luck!