Homecoming Tomorrow Thanks To God

Yesss, my boyfriend comes home tomorrow for 14 days, then to duty station about 1 1/2hr. drive away from me for 2 years! Have I mentioned lately how blessed I am? Before I disappear from the internet for 2 weeks :) I wanted to post a few things... first of all this site and group of ladies is awesome, and got my bawling-my-eyes-out, dry-heaving pathetic butt through survivng boot camp away from my love, I'm post A-school graduation now, but am still close friends with a few navy gf's I met here who's men were in the same ship/div in BC. It all gets progressively easier to cope with as time goes on, keep your chin up and keep your faith.
I had lost all hope to ever be happy in a realtionship before I met Adam, but prayed so hard that if there was a man meant for me, I would wait for him..and once I let go and let God BAM! I met Adam, then when he was in basic I prayed that if I was faithful and patient he would want me for his wife someday, at PIR weekend, he told me how he had decided that me & my kids were his future and we should start planning accordingly. When he was in A-school, awaiting his orders I begged God to let him be stationed close to me, that I would give back 100% if I could just have a little more time near him...he gets sent one state away!
I am so thankful for what I have and in my saddest and most lonely hours I try to think about what my beautiful future holds, not what I'm missing now. It is so hard to be us (navy gfs) sometimes but our men are SO worth it!
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2 Responses Aug 6, 2010

That is so great! You are a lucky girl.

That's great that he's so close! I'm so happy for you too!