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I was doing a little research yesterday and I came across "" they have great information and answer a lot of the questions we all have. I also was able to find a group for my boyfriend's division and ship #! The only problem is, I tried to register and my membership has been "pending" for over 12 hours now! I've tried writing emails to the administrators and everything else ... but, no answers. Has anyone else tried to sign up for this site? If so, is this normal? Thanks! :)
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5 Responses Aug 7, 2010

It took a couple hours for mine to be approved it may depend on the time of day you signed up. I signed up in the middle of the day on a week day. I think there's only 2 admins that run the whole site so they may be backed up.

That's normal. It takes a couple days. Not a big deal. Just, be careful. Some of the mom's are exactly too thrilled with navy girlfriends. In my experience anyways.

SailorWJM, have you been approved yet? Let me know what happens. YourAngelWaits, how long ago did you sign up? I still have yet to be approved! :( I am so impatient.

I signed up, next day it was approved. :-S So I don't know. But I'm on there.

Yea i signed up for it last night too and my membership is still pending too. I dont know whats going on.