Renewed Strength

Hello :) I haven't posted in a while so I thought I would now! I got my first call yesterday afternoon and it was amazing! He was hoarse from yelling and he had an upper respiratory infection but other than that he's okay. He's doing alright but he misses home and his friends, which I expected to hear. He's a tough guy and I knew he'd be fine. After the half way point I thought I'd never get a call. When I saw that area code my hands started to shake :) We talked for about 20 minutes and it seemed like everything was back to normal! Still feels like it is like it used to be and it's a great feeling. I have 3 weeks til PIR and I'm so entirely thrilled! I remember my first post on here was when there was 3 weeks til he left. If this 3 weeks can go as fast as those did I'd be so very happy :P Today, a family member of mine asked me if I still had the same feelings for him like I did before he left and I said absolutely! The distance sucks but if you just take it one day at a time and keep positive you'll be fine!!! Not saying I enjoy boot camp in any way shape or form but it is bearable. I miss my Cameron but only 3 weeks til I'm back in his arms!!! Love is so beautiful sometimes :)
Jojo94 Jojo94
18-21, F
Aug 7, 2010