An Idea

Okay, I've been going through a VERY bad past few days (if you can't tell). And darn near crying myself to sleep every night (if I'm lucky to finally fall asleep).

Well my boyfriend knows I'm having a hard time. He called yesterday and was so super sweet. I was actually the first person he called as he stepped off the ship. Well he was all I know this week has been rough for you cause last week we talked all day every day, and we Skyped and saw each other, and this week I've hardly talked to you. And I admitted yes it was hard, but he wasn't the only reason I was sad, and I explained in depth why I was sad, and that some "friends" have been getting me down lately.

Well we started talking about things that we wanted to do together. In 19 days I fly out to see him (first time in 2 years!!!) and so he's like we are going to do this and going to do that. And yesterday we started talking some more... and an idea hit me.

I got a composition notebook and on the front I put a picture of his ship and then under it but his last name (since that is what he goes by in the Navy) and then mine under it. I posted a picture of us a few years ago on the front, and little things... (one sign: I may not be his wife but I do know what it's like to be alone for several months living for the phone to ring. I am also left behind. I am a proud Navy girlfriend). Then on the inside is a picture of where we first met years ago. A pic he sent of me of himself. A sign with the "Gee I wish I were a man I'd join the Navy" and "a sailor stole my heart." Back cover is a picture of him Skyping in the morning as he got ready. 2 texts one he sent to me and one I sent to him that I printed out. And a pic of me and him separate. Then on the back cover is a poem, another pic of us from way back when and a pic of me and a close friend of the both of us who is like a sister to me.

So basically on the first page I am going to (still figuring out what to put) write something about the two of us. And how this book is to document all the things that we want to do together.

And then the second page I am going to start listing the things that we've already come up with. I am then going to mail it to him (hopefully it gets there before I do lol with the mail lately it's been funky) and have him add to what I've already put on it and then start writing things down as well. And then when I get there, if we do something on the list we are going to check it off... but then we will add to the list together... I'll take it back with me and keep adding. And then sometime down the line I'll mail it back to him and have him write. Then when we see each other again and we do stuff on the list we check it off.

I thought I would share this with you all because maybe you all (if you thought it was cool) would do it too with your guys. And this would be something to give you guys something to do.

Our first "thing to do" came from him... he said see a grown up movie... I have kids and lately only cartoons and he promised when I visited I would get a grownup movie.

Well I do hope you girls will enjoy. Once I get this thing going I'll post pictures.
yourangelawaits yourangelawaits
31-35, F
Aug 8, 2010