Hell Week??

guys what is hell week? i got a letter and he mentioned that this week was hell week and i was just curious if anyone knew what that was or has had a sailor experience it before? im a little worried but i probably shouldnt be because he played baseball and football so he's been pushed to his limits before....thanks guys!
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I know i can't decide what i want to look for! ive asked a couple guy friends what they would want their girlfriend to be wearing when they say them for the first time after 2 months and the only answer i got was lingerie..haha but im thinking maybe one of those long summer dresses? nice but still casual maybe

He got his first phone call (other than the "I'm here" call ) about 4 weeks after he had been there. It was rather long too. Yes, I'm going to his graduation and I'm so excited! I went shopping for it today and at first I couldn't find anything :/ But I ended up finding the CUTEST shirt and a nice pair of jeans at Stage.

well it was just a regular 4x6 picture of my face. and i got a letter from him today answering a question that im pretty sure i asked in a letter after i sent the picture..haha idk hopefully he calls me this week so i can ask him! ├Żours graduates so soonn!! i bet your excited. im definitely going. we got lucky and he graduates on a holiday weekend so we get an extra day with him! are you going to yours?

Mine graduates the 27th :) I've sent him pictures too but I printed them out on white paper and he said he got to keep them and he has them taped inside his drawer. If they were even slightly innapropriate they might have been taken away or if they were real photos he might have had to throw it away.. Hopefully his mail is just backed up and he'll get them soon :) Can't wait for PIR! Are you going?

The 2nd. Yours? I was also wondering about pictures. I sent him one a while ago but it doesn't sound like he's gotten it yet

I got a letter saying he was about to start hell week. Hell week for Cameron was last week and I got a call on Friday so I know some about it, lol. It's gun training, a pfa, and rope tying he said. He said it sucked but he was happy it was over. When does your boyfriend graduate?