Idk What To Do

IM kinda stressing my self out and i know i shouldnt but i just dont know what to do. Well sam left july 28 for bootcamp, it been two weeks everyday get easier but i still miss him. I miss his laugh and hearing his voice and knowing how he feels and what he thinking. I got his formal letter friday which made me really happy but he didnt send it to me he send it to his mom, which kinda made me feel sad he didnt send it to me but i know i should be sad because is his mom. But he didnt say anything about miss me or anything like that . And now im going crazy thinking what happens if he doesnt write to me, or never calls me becasue he calls his mom insted. I just dont know what to do about it idk if is all in my head bcuz i dont know what going through his head and he being so far away or i should be worry .

feels good writing what been going through my mind the past few days .....

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Yeah i write to him everyday and i send the letter the next day i also date the letter so he knows i write to him everyday i tell him how my day was what i been up to if anything happens, Because our relationship has always been really open and i dont want him to think just because he away it has to change , i. And yeah it been getting easier , but i still miss him, yeah i ask him if he needs me to send anything and i really want to send a pic but he made me promise i wouldnt because they use the pic to break them down and he doesnt want that. but yeah he said he would be calling in two weeks and his formal letter came in on a friday so im hoping his first letter comes in tomorrow....<br />
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But thanks to everyone it really help hearing everyone

When Steve (my bfs) parents got his formal letter there was a small note enclosed for me. It said 'For Sami only" on the front. After a few weeks I got letters every couple of weeks. I recommend writing a letter everyday for a week, then sending that week. That's what we did and it worked well. He told me that he re-read the old letters while he was waiting for the new ones ( and when he came home he still had ALL of them <3 ) Make sure you ask him if he needs stamps, pens, etc. Send pictures - they love showing off their girl to the other guys. (typical) lol. If his parents don't get letters when you do let them know that they tend to hold mail from the home address for a while to 'break' them. That happened to Steve - he wrote & asked me why his parents hadn't written...they had and they were wondering why they hadn't gotten mail from him. Just keep writing, keep busy, and keep faith. You will get a phone call eventually...and it won't last long. If you wanna talk, add me as a friend & I will offer what advice/help I can.

I write to him everyday and I know bootcamp is not the hardest thing u will go through while being with him. We been together 2 years and I trust completly I don't worry about peer pressure and other guys bcuz honestly he will be thinking the same thing as me. Like wat she doing does she still love me and made a deal the minute we decide to cheat or meet other people we will break up. And that bring me peace ... And yeah I think he didn't say love u or miss u bcuz he send it to his mom.. Thanks for the comments it help

well for one dont worry about that, they get to write every sunday and please write to him. The saddest part about bootcamp is when your the unlucky one with no letter. I hate to sound like the debbiedowner but being how i was in the Navy for quite some time I would tell you to start preparing yourself for the worse. Great if you guys survive but the reality is your boyfriend just entered a world of its own the rules you live by dont always seem to apply on his side, and now think of his first years as being in a frat house in a huge college there are only a few people who dont like people and just sit around moping all day other wise everyone is running around experiencing life without their family and friends. Thats how it is and yeah it makes sailors sound dirty but alot of them turn into that because they get peer pressured by all the other men. If him going away for bootcamp seems like its tough imagine when he is deployed in another country its hard and thats the truth dating someone in the military is hard for a civilian its even hard for someone thats also doing the same job. Good luck write to him im sure you will and good luck to your boyfriend aswell. Navy bootcamp is really not that difficult compared to someone in the marines or even the army so i hope you're not worrying about that.