I Love My Sailor<3

So technicaly ive been a navy girlfriend for 5 months. but ive known and loved this man for 1 year and 2months<3 i knew him before he went into the navy.. and he used to allways talk about going into it but i never really believed him...
We were together for about a month when he was a senior in highschool and i was a freshman. we ended it because of a little problem that doesnt matter now, but i went on that summer and just had fun with friends and new people.. and he got another girlfriend, it didnt last long tho but they were  intimate,which i dont like at all.. he ended it with her before he left to bootcamp. when he graduated and started A school [or something] was when i texted him for the first time in almost a year. there was just a point where i couldnt get him off my mind. and i was so scared to text him..but i did then by the 3rd day we were already saying i love you again.. ill allwayd remember that day that i texted again<3 
So i still had to wait 2 moths to see him when he came home for his 2 weeks... they werent as perfect as i pictured it to be... there were a lot of nights when id cry over him, he made a lot of mistakes..he would alllways fight with me..... after the 2 weeks he was sent to virginia to where he was station. and i llive in new york so its not too long of a drive down there. a couple weeks after he left. i went to go visit for the weekend before his first deployment. and those days were the most amazing days of my life. i loved them so much and i wished they never ended...
Now that hes gone on his ship for 6 months i miss him terriblely. we email a lot though every day which im so thankfull for. i couldnt imagine not talking to him for a whole day.. i did have to go a few days without talking to him in the begining of his deployment though, and all i know is that i was a wreck. but i did talk to him about how i felt on his first leave, how i was so hurt almost everyday because of him... and the email i got back from him made me cry... he apoligized so much and just kept saying how much he regrets it and how hes going to treat me perfect and like a queen when he gets home in decmber. i cant wait to see him follow through with all of his promises.
He pulls back into port in virgina sometime in late december and im going to be there when he pulls in and spend as much time with him as i can before he has to go back to work. he doesnt think hes going to get 1st leave so ill have to wait untill about mid january to be with him for his 2 weeks back home<3 i just really think that this 1st deployment is going to be the hardest...when he gets home in january he plans on buying a car so he can drive up on the weekends to see me when he doesnt have watch duty ofcourse=[ but his next two years hes suppose to be dry docked in virgina so ill be making all the trips i can down to see him during then. so i feel i got lucky on that part. but yeah, his last year he'll have to go on deployment again... 

Its been about 3 months since i havent seen him. and i know hes my true love.... just is it possible to get used to not having the love of your life around for months at a time.........???

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Hey girlie! I've been a Navy Girlfriend for 22 days, yes I'm keeping count lol. My boyfriend and I went to college together, and we both liked each other but never said anything. My profile pic was taken in 2007 if that tells you anything. Well for one reason or another (we've discussed this and apologized) we never said anything. I mean it was the typical when I was single he was taken, and when he was single I was taken.<br />
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He is beyond boot camp and A school, so I missed all that drama. But I haven't seen the boy in 2 years. But with phone calls, texts and Skype it was just like the good ol' days when he was in my life every day. And I remembered all the times he would chase me and make me scream. And before I knew it I was falling for him. <br />
<br />
When he asked me to be his girl I had to think long and hard. I'm trying to get my degree in college, I have children... I mean do I want to date someone in the military so far away. I have very close friends scattered across the Earth due to the military (2 in Afghan right now). So I know what it's like to be in the military (my dad, grandfather, great grandfather, etc) and I have seen horrible break-ups from friends because of distance and was there for several of them. <br />
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But at the end of the day all I could think was that I finally got him back in my life I wasn't letting go, so I said yes. Booked a plane ticket to go out there at the end of August. Boy I am counting down the days. His ship right now is in the shipyard but soon it leaves. By the end of November he will be stationed in Norfolk. And it's only 9 hours away.<br />
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My guy apologies all the time. Tells me how hard this must be on him, but how good he is going to treat me. I think it's a Navy thing ;-)<br />
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I spend the rest of this year chasing after that boy. Because his ship is new it won't go on deployment for a while and instead heads down the east coast. And I'm just counting down to each time I get to see him. <br />
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But... it's been 2 years since I've seen him. And I realized that I love him as much back then as I do now, and just never said anything. It hurts a little bit more now, because he isn't here. And I know it will be harder when he's on deployment next year. But I'll wait for him.... because in the end it will worth it.