Soo In Love :)

Today was an AMAZING day! Got my second letter today from my sailor :) Then while I was at work I recieved a phone call!! He sounded amazing :) He's doing really good. Misses home and all his friends :( He said he misses me and he loves me more than I could possibly imagine. I can't wait to hear his voice again. I know that we can make it through this. He's the man of my dreams and so much more. So far ive written 20 letters :) I write one every night before i go to sleep and he does the same thing :) When I first heard his voice I think i stopped breathing lol. Before he left for boot camp he kept asking me if I would move with him where ever he got stationed. He asked me again in the letter. Of course I want to move where ever he is but I believe that you have too be married? Im not sure how all of this goes. I told him we would discuss it more when we get a chance. The only thing is that Im worried to leave my dad. I don't want to leave him all by him self :/. But my dad doesn't seem to have a problem with it. As long as im happy he's happy. I just don't want to leave my dad he's my best friend :) Im not sure how to handle all of this. I just want to be where ever my sailor is because Im so in love with him :) He's truly an amazing man. He completly has my heart :)
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NavyGirl224 you should be getting one soon...and trust me when you get it your going to cry like a baby lol. akachristiangirl I know i was super stoked :) Thank you for the information. My bf and I have alot to talk about when he gets out of BC :) but im excited to see what the future holds for us. Hope you ladies are doing well :)

That's sooo exciting!! :D And to answer your question you two must be married if you're going to live on base together. But there are ways to live together off base but he has to reach a certain rank before he can apply for off base housing. (:

Thanks :) I would LOVE TOO!! trust me lol