Several Calls From My Sailor

Today I was with my future brother-in-law, and his dad. We were on our way to get his driver's license. I was texting really fast and accidentally hung up on an out of state number. All of a sudden Jeff's (dad) phone started ringing. He passed it back to me. On the other end was my sailor. It's only been 1 week and a day, but that's long enough to miss anyone. I've missed hearing him. This call wasn't a social call... he just need my info, i think for security clearance or something. Does anyone know a good website with helpful information? I 'm running into so many questions about his job and other things about the Navy...

Well, he called back several times for information, but each time he would tell me he loves me. I've missed him so much. I feel so happy, but sad, because I don't know when I will be able to talk to him again.
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Also, my brother has been in the Air Force for about 6 years. He said that Kyle, because of his job, needs higher security clearance, so they need more information.

I'm also very blessed, because I'm actually living with his mom and step dad, and I can go to his dad's house whenever also. They're already telling their friends and family I'm their daughter-in-law. I feel like a little girl when they say that. There's only pure joy.

Yay! I have only gotten one call so far and he's been there for 7 weeks. He never called about my info :/ Oh well. I feel the same about the "girlfriend" thing. I feel like I'm at the bottom of the chain and I know I am. On Navy for moms, they aren't nice about girlfriends at all. I go there for info about my recruit's division and his mom posts stuff on there sometimes. I read one lady said she wasn't letting her son's girlfriend travel with them and she was being very mean about it. I'm just glad Cameron's mom treats me like family :)

I feel like really awesome :) A little sad, but cool that I am involved some how. I've been thinking about it, and girlfriends aren't Navy moms, wives ... we're just girlfriends... the ones always waiting for our sailors to come home.

My sailor needed all of my info so I could get on base >_< it's cool.