Boyfriend Heading To Bootcamp Soon.

Ok so I know this group is for girls that have a boyfriend in the military but I just need some advice and people to vent to.

My boyfriend of 2 years brokeup with me a week ago because he's about to go to bootcamp. We've been having problems but he wants to remain good friends and keep in touch with me while he's away. He told me last night that I'd be the first one he'd wanna see after he gets out. Soo my question is..does bootcamp help your relationship at all? I love this man with alll my heart and i'd even marry him someday just so we could be together wherever he went. I have hope for us but do you think with all the letters i'll write and phone calls I might get will make us think about the relationship/future we could have together?
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thanks to both of ya'll! I'm just so scared he'll forget about me. We still talk and are pretty close but I'm not sure what lies ahead. I'm very hopeful though and I'm probably gonna write him every day :P haha :)

Bootcamp definitly helped my relationship. Before my sailor left, we both honestly didnt know wether we wanted to be together anymore because we were sick of eachother. but after that first week of being apart (definitly the worst week of my life) i knew that i couldnt be without him. During bootcamp they dont really have much time to think about anything other then what theyre doing but guaranteed that having someone that they can have on their mind really helps and they really appreciate your support. Once my sailor got out of boot we got engaged. So there could be a happy ending in your future with him! Maybe Save talking about the relationship till the end of boot though. just write to him all you can and support him and be ready for his phone calls. He will definitly come out appreciating you a lot more then when he went in.

My boyfriend is in bootcamp right now. All I know is that all this time alone helps one (both you and him) to think about what they really want. Either all of this time apart will keep you two grow together, or apart... What I mean is that I've realized that my sailor is definitely what I want forever.<br />
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Hope I could help. I know someone else will come along and say something better so don't worry :) We're here for you.