Flying To Chicago Tonight!

Graduation in the morning, I can't believe that in about 24 hours I get to see him! Oh my gosh! I'm nervous kinda, i'm curious to see how much he has changed, and i'm scared for him too see how much i've changed. What if he thinks i've gotten fat or something? Hahaha stupid stupid worries, but hey. I can't imagine i'm the onlyyyy one who's had these thoughts. Am I correct? Haha
flowerchild1792 flowerchild1792
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4 Responses Aug 12, 2010

I was just there in July! Have a great time, its a beautiful city!

I'll be in your shoes in only 2 weeks!! Let us know how it goes!! Have fun :)

Thanks guys, I will! :)

Your absouluty correct...Im sure I will be thinking the same thing lol. Im sure everything will be wonderful :) good luck and have fun :)