I Get To See My Sailor Tomorrow Night!!!

So I went 2 months not seeing him, saw him for 3 days then another 3 weeks not seein him : ( BUT tomorrow night I fly to MD and he will be there waiting for me!!! I am so excitied. We can spend a few days together then the Naval Acadmey owns his soul again. But I am just happy I get to see him period. GAW: ) ANy of you guys dating anyone from the Naval Acadmey? Just wondering :) I'd love to make some friends with girls off here so I have someone to go to when I'm sad and my other friends won't get it like you guys would<3
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challenge coins are earned, not "scored". you have to "score" your own because what ever he gets belongs to him. hope you had fun.

Congrats!!! :D

Oh sweet. PS your picture is adorable :D you guys look so happy!

Great Lakes, then onto Pensecola FL for A school.

Yeah Annapolis is gorgeous! Like I said in other posts, my college is only about 40ish mins. away so i've been there before. But the yard its self is so pretty. And I love seeing my boy in uniform since they have to wear them if they are on the yard.<br />
Yeah I kinda have heard of challange coins but I def will ask him to explain more. Thanks for the tip : ) Of course I see him tommorrow and I broke out :X I just love timing haha. But oh well thanks for all the kind words:D<br />
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That's awesome that you will be able to see him more. Novemeber needs to hurry up!!! :D How long have you and your sailor been together for? I love hearing stories <3 I'm such a hopless romantic haha.

I have a friend that works at Annapolis. He's actually scoring me a challenge coin (ask your guy about it it'll give ya something to talk about). I talk to this friend every day and do know a few things about Annapolis. I know it's very pretty cause I've seen pictures. <br />
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Good luck chica!! I'm waiting for my sailor to get to his home port, his ship is being built still, he won't be there until November. Then he's only 9 hours away and I can visit him often.

Well he is a senior there this year. Then he graduates and who knows where he will end up : ( Where is your boy's bootcamp located? :)

My guy is in bootcamp right now, but I'm a little jealous that you get to see him so soon. No, girl I'm happy for you :) How long has he been there?