So I'm a college student so I am used to staying up late nights, cramming every last bit of information in. BUT, what I am not used to is cramming information into a small period of time. For instance when my sailor gives me a surprise phone call, that I don't know how long will last, and I have to sort through everything and figure out what is important, what can wait and I just want to scream. And then in too much time I hear... babe I've got to go, I love you.... and I say I love you and then we say goodbye.

It all seems it happens so quickly. This morning's surprise phone call was the first one that didn't leave me in tears. He was surprised it was nearing noon and I was sounding sleepy. This was my first morning sleeping in. He laughed and wished he could sleep in.

I see him in 15 days!! And I am sure I won't stop talking for those first few hours after I see him. Well once he pulls my arms off of around his neck from hugging him. I secretly want him to pick me up at the airport but I don't land until almost 11pm and I told him to meet me at the hotel lol

I don't think I will ever be able to get used to these phone calls, trying to figure out what is important for right then and there, or what can wait.... and then I end up writing a letter RIGHT afterwards for the stuff I couldn't say.

I have found tho, hands down... NAVY MEN ARE THE BEST!!!
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True. They are definitely the best :D That day Kyle called me several times to get all of that information, I was difficult saying bye... each time it got harder to let go, but it's not like I had any choice.

navy men are the best <3<3