Been A While...

Well girls its been a while...

My Sailor and i have been dealing with some health issues and he's now on Lim Du but the doctors still cant nail down whats wrong.  Hopefully we will nail it down before December when his case goes up for review.  At that point they will decide to either discharge him or keep him on for another year in the hopes he'll get better.

i got to see him at the beginning of July, he flew me up to Chicago and we got to spend five amazing days together but I already miss him so much.  I'm glad that i'll be going back to class soon cause the days always fly so much faster when I'm busy.

he told me a few days ago that he has a "secret plan" and i would find out a week from Sunday what it is.  I'm really anxious and i wish he would just tell me but I guess i'll have to wait and see... Well thats the recap!
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Good luck :)