Navy Gf Blog (:

hey ladies! i just started a blog to help me get my feelings out. if you all want to check it out, here's the address:

& if you have a blog please post the address, I'd love to read it!!
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I thought your article was really good. My name is Vince Stead, and I have my 2nd book called "Navy Sea Stories" just come out, it's only $2.99, and you can find it at Barnes & Noble or Amazon, here is a link to it:<br />
<br />

here's mine!<br />
<br />
loved yours, so cute! :)

@yourangelawaits: i can't wait to read more of your blog!<br />
<br />
@bravesgirl12: thank you! it took awhile to design it (:

Love your page!