I See My Sailor Tonight But I Feel So Sick: (

I feel like death. I have to fly and of course it happens on friday the 13th the day I see my boy. But oh well at least I get to see him i'd go no matter how sick I am. And it's a sad day because it's my mom's birthday ( she passed away reccently) so it's such a bittersweet day. I feel guilty I am not 100% to see him but i'm sure he understands and knows I CAN NOT WAIT. He called me last night, had to hang up then called me back. All a surprise/ surprised he had service out on sea. Oh well, so I have a random question. I saw a girl at the mall wearing a shirt that said " I <3 my sailor" Has anyone used a website where they sell cute stuff like that? It was adorable!
Hope everyone's having a good day
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I almost ordered the same lima hoodie. It's soo cute! Yes, cafepress is AMAZING. I'm ordering the I <3 my sailor hoodie right now. (:

I use Cafepress.com im buying a sweater that say Lima oscar vitctor echo and it spells out love and it also say this how my sailor spells it.. i love that sweater, and i also bought sticker for my car that say i love my sailor....

Oh that is too cute! Okay thanks girl!

I got a shirt that says "The Navy may have my Sailor, but I have his heart."<br />
Websites like cafepress.com and zazzle.com have a lot of cute stuff revolving around military relationships. I even have a bumpersticker. =]