I Need Advice Ladies!!!! Meps Next Week?!

Hi ladies... I've been checking out the website for about 2 months.
And I'm proud to say that now I'm a proud member!! Yay!!
Now I'm kind of nervous because my bf is going to MEPS next weeks...
And I dont know how to tell him how I feel about him leaving, w/o completely breaking down.
Any suggestions???
Thanks ladies
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It's OKAY to break down! It sucks but it'll let him know how you really feel and he'll be able to be there for you. And us girls are ALWAYS here for you as well! :D

What JMQRMM said about the dream-like state is absolutely true. It's like you remember being with him and all of your memories together but it seems hard to truly remember. It's something I can't really explain but it's true and you will understand. Don't worry, it's not too weird lol :)

Thanks ladies!!! You're comments really helped me alot. I guess I'll just have to bare my heart and have at it. I'll keep you posted on wat he says! :-)

Oh gosh, I agree with Jojo94 completely!<br />
I was with Ron for a year, knowing he was leaving, and was never supportive of it. Actually, I was really really bitter about it, and I now realize that wasn't mature of me at all!<br />
But yes, it's really hard to grasp and after he leaves, it'll feel as though he never really existed. You'll be in this weird dream-like state. At lease, that's how it happened for me.<br />
As for telling him, all you can really do is spill it. If you breakdown about it, I'm sure he'll be there for you. Ron's really bad with emotional things, but he still made me feel better.<br />
On the plus side, bootcamp will actually do wonders for yourselves as individuals and as a couple. He'll be dealing with hard stuff along with being away from his loved ones, and you'll be dealing with the sudden weirdness of not having him around and probably a lot of criticism from those who don't understand. These hardships will make you stronger and only push you two together more.<br />
Be ready to deal with an emotional onslaught from him. I got a call from Ron almost a week after he left saying how he wanted out and he couldn't deal with it. He's never like that, so it was kinda a big deal. It's hard, but you both have to stick through it and be there for each other even though you can't physically be together. If your relationship means enough to you both, you'll be fine.<br />
Just stay busy and write a lot.<br />
And remember, he won't be able to tell you he misses you or loves you for a while, but he's definitely thinking it.<br />
If you ever need someone to vent to, I'm here. =]

There is no easy way to tell him how you feel about this and it's a very hard concept to grasp, that he's leaving. I regret not being as supportive as I should have been at first. Tell him that you are proud of him and start asking him questions about what will happen and make sure his info is correct. I say this because the recruiter gave Cameron(my boyfriend) some very sugar coated information. Hope I helped some. <br />
Jordan :)