I Know I'm Lucky But...

Recently my boyfriend finally finished all his training and flew to Bahrain to join his ship which had already been on deployment. It tore me up knowing I'd be dealing with going through the first deployment so I spent pretty much the entire day on the phone with him while he was waiting in the airport. Today I was so lucky because he stayed up till almost 1:30 in the morning so that he could talk to me when I got out of school and I got to talk to him for half an hour before time ran out. I know I'm lucky that he won't be gone the entire length of a deployment and that I've gotten to talk to him so much before he actually got on his ship.. but why does it still not feel like enough time? Why is it that even when he's been home on leave I can still feel time running out before he has to leave again? How come it gets harder every time he leaves? and why is it that everytime I have to say good bye and hang up the phone it's more painful than the last time?
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1 Response Aug 13, 2010

Because you love him..And long distance military relationships are hard. I'm always here if you wanna talk. (: