Civilian Girls Suck

Okay I know I'm not the only one that is tired of this.

I'm a college student and this past week has sucked at school. I am just so sick and tired of civilian girls. They see their boyfriend right before class cause he drops her off. And then she sits next to me and texts that he misses him so much and spends the whole hour and fifteen minute class texting him about how much she misses him and can't wait to see him (sorry yeah I can see cause her phone annoys me with clicks). She can't go five minutes and it's been 10 days since I last saw my boyfriend, and it's another 1 month and 27 days before I can see him again.

I am also tired of looking on FB and seeing posts from people who just had breakfast with their significant other and 'oh I miss you so much! I wish you'd come home.'

Now don't get me wrong. I get that they missed their loved ones. But we do too. And yet if I were to go on about how much I miss my sailor I get the evil eye like I am doing something wrong.

Which is why for all you girls I like your status when you say you miss your guys. Cause you know what it is like to miss them. But these civilian girls have no idea.

I just honestly want to scream.

I mean yeah it was my decision to date my sailor. It was my decision to go with someone who I won't see often. It's my choice that I wait. And yeah part of me is like stop bitching, to myself, because I am asking for all of this. But it hurts me that I don't get to see him. I was sick today (allergic reaction and my eye swelled up) and I texted and emailed my sailor. Now I figured out his phone was turned off when I called him. So that is when I emailed him. He checked and ran and got his phone and texted me to make sure I was okay. Which I wasn't, but I was all no don't worry I just wanted you to know what was going on. He wanted me to go to the doctor, I don't have the money and been taking Benadryl all day and it's almost all gone... but I can see now and this morning couldn't.

That is love right there, the fact he is checking his email, see that I need him at that point and runs and gets his phone. And then said he wished he could be there. And I said I looked awful and glad I wasn't. But he wanted to baby me. I needed that right then and there, to just read that text. That text meant the world to me.

I don't have to tell him I miss him in a text. It's implied when I send the "I love you." I don't have to worry about what he's doing, if he's talking to this girl or that girl, because I trust him. I don't have to be nosy and snoop through his stuff, email, FB whatever, even though I have the passwords, because I trust him. And more importantly if the day came he could walk me to class I wouldn't text him five minutes later saying I missed him cause I'd make him stay!!!

But right now civilian girls really **** me off. They whine cause their boyfriend does this and that. And how they haven't seen or talked to them all day. Go a week without seeing them and they'll think that they are cheating on them. I have to trust my man isn't.

I know I am not the only one. Sorry for ranting. This just really has gotten me. And I have hidden several people now on FB so they don't show up on my feed that they miss their man that lives with them. It just frustrates me and I want to scream but I don't.

I hope you girls are okay.
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You're a civilian too. Stop acting like you're somehow special because your boyfriend ia in the navy. I'm a girl in the navy and I've had it with all these military girlfriends/wives calling others civilians as if the term doesnt apply to them. Not to mention the fact that you use it as a negative. You want respect? Get off your ***** and enlist, otherwise you can shut your mouth and stop acting all high and mighty for ahit you haven't done.

This girl knows what's up I did my time in the corps and spent all kinds of unwanted time with depenapotamisses that couldn't mind they're own damn businesses. Why can't you people worry about ish that matters like the state of our country being the reason your man does what he does. You're all civillians and if I had had the freedoms that you people had had for the last five years instead of working my butt off in the desert I'd turn my energy to that friggin mattered instead of rolling my eyes and sucking my teeth at people who are just happy. Dreary woe is me civilians tsk tsk.

this is prbbly my fav story of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there are a ton of girls like that and i get very sick of hearing about there stupid relationship problems there trust issues, how much they miss them when they just saw them. i just wanna be like listen shut up, i havent seen my bf in a month n a half n itll be another 7 months b4 i see again. untill u've been through a deployment or bootcamp u have no idea wat it is like ot miss someone.

UGH my roommate has this boyfriend who practically who practically lives with us. One time she told me that she feels lonely when he doesn't spend the night.........i slapped her in the face, I couldn't help it hahaha. Civilian girls suck. Don't worry about the cheating thing, that is them trying to put ideas in your head because they could never do anything like what we do. They are just jealous : )

They all do it and it drives me insane! I just shutup cause i dont want to get into arguements. I've lost friends because of this but my boyfriend is amazing and besides my other two my bestest friend ever and i cant lose him. My sister complains constantly and her boyfriend lives like ten minutes away and sees her everyday and calls and texts constantly and she complains when he doesnt come around etc. im like are you serious? i complain all the time about them too so dont worry that you are! lol

Girl, you hit the nail on the head with this one!<br />
I hear "oh, he's going to cheat on you" at least three times a week. Or "you both are two young to be in a REAL relationship, especially with him gone."<br />
But you know, those don't bug me as much as other girls in relationships.<br />
I have 'friends' who have tried to say "I know exactly how you feel," because their boyfriends were on a camping trip for two weeks, or was grounded. I've also heard people say "Jasmine talks about Ron too much. Yea, I get it, they're in love, woopee, I'm happy for them. But please, she's so fu**ing annoying with it. She should just shut her whiny mouth."<br />
I'm like, what? I'm NEVER whining or complaining about Ron because I am PROUD of him. I talk about how he's doing and how he misses our friend, and people at the next table feel they have the right to say something. It baffles me. I'm thinking, umm, my man is one of the men protecting your freedom of speech, so you thank them by using that freedom to talk s***?<br />
UGH. I'm ranting. xD<br />
Point: Whiny civilian chicks suck.<br />
Whenever they miss their man, they need to multiply it by a zillion, and they'll get us.

I'm living with Kyle's mom and she is so awesome that her children and their spouses come over all of the time. His older sister, who has a gorgeous 14 month old baby boy, and her husband may not have the ideal life, but they have each other everyday.Ever since Kyle left, I've noticed her posts on FaceBook about missing her husband while he's away for two days or so have disappeared. <br />
<br />
Some times I can't help but be a little envious of them. When we went to the fair they stood right in front me. Mom on one side, baby in the middle, and dad on the other. All three walking together holding hands and laughing. I'm not saying I can't have that one day, I just wish it wouldn't walk in front me lol.

you couldnt of said it any better. I hate that too when girls had lunch with there bf and five minutes later write on facebook had lunch with my baby but he off to work miss him so much.. Ugh it makes me so mad bcuz i cant have that anymore. I can have luxury to go to lunch with my sailor. But dont get me wrong is cute you miss your bf but not 5min later that would be crazy. And yeah i had allergic reaction too and i was in motorcycle accident and my sailor while in bootcamp call me to make sure i was okay and that means the world to me. Bcuz it show how much he really cares about me. hope you get better allergic reaction suck ... And i also hate how everyone has to ask me everytime they see me if im doing okay and if i miss him.. like really of course i miss him but im surviving just like he is... i was once a civilian girlfriend and i did post many times how much i miss my bf after one day part. but now i know what it means to miss somebody and what love really means and is something that i thank my sailor for bcuz he has show me what real love is and how distance does not mean anything when your in love but is something i will never change for the world :)

You are awesome! It's like you read my mind with this post lol. It's really hard too deal with it all but we can deal with it were strong women :) sonartechgf people keep doing that too me too and id really like to punch them in the face when they say things like that. It's so aggravating. We have faithful men and they have faithful women that love them and who will stay by them through everything.

My "friends" have slowly asked why I am pulling back. And of course I smile and say well I'm busy with school. But to be blunt I don't want to hear how much you miss your guy just cause he left for work that day. <br />
<br />
I hang out with a friend who his girlfriend goes to a different college in the same state, he doesn't see her much. Yeah he complaints, but then looks at me and says I've got nothing on you. He doesn't try to understand, just says if I want to cry about it I can. <br />
<br />
I hang out with a friend who I consider a brother, and he doesn't talk about his boyfriend (yeah he's gay). Doesn't say how much he's missed him even though he's been gone a week. And won't even pretend to understand cause he doesn't. <br />
<br />
These are the people since I've been back I've hung out with. Cause the day after I came back I went to tell someone I missed my sailor and got told to shut up, that I just saw him. But when you drop someone off at "work" and you watch him walk away, knowing that is the last time you will see him for another 2 months, it's HARD. <br />
<br />
I JUST LOVE (NOT) the fact that when a guy finds out that I am in a military relationship, that I am a proud Navy girlfriend, he goes on to be like 'oh go out with me he won't ever find out.'<br />
<br />
I'm sorry that my boyfriend and I have an open and honest relationship. He tells me about everything, including what he buys and what he spends his money on (cause we are saving). If he goes out with friends, he gives me details, even some that make his friends mad. But that is the relationship he has. I will NEVER cheat on him and he will NEVER cheat on me. Because we've both been in relationship where that is happened and won't do that to each other. But it is automatically assumed I will cheat on him..... makes me scream.<br />
<br />
I have told 2 guys off since I've been back. And one had a kid on my son's football team and was trying to pick me up with my oldest right there. I was like you have got to be kidding me. My oldest even said he had to try harder than that, and chuckled as he walked away. <br />
<br />
I have been a hermit lately. I have been away from my sailor for 11 days, a hard 11 days. That wasn't as bad as comparable that I hadn't seen him since 2009. And yeah I'm lucky I get to see him in the beginning of Nov and spend a week with him. But I get to share him with Navy, and have found out she's a jealous ***** and changes her mind, and half of the week I get to share him with his family (which we are becoming close). <br />
<br />
But I may slap the next person who says they miss their guy and it hasn't been more than a week that they last saw them (Navy girls exempt). Slap them back into reality. <br />
<br />
At least one of my best friends admits she can't do it. She's been ranting how she misses her husband, he's a trucker. But he's not gone more than a day, and sometimes only half a day. She doesn't see how I can do it. But I can't stand to hear her say she misses him. Just hurts too much cause the pain of me missing my sailor is so grand that half of my heart is missing.

These are the pEople I call my friends :( I hate how civilian girls act about their boyfriend who lives 15'mins away... I praise god for my sailor even when he's 15 hours away and all they can do is throw off on their mans.

That's horrible. As if they have so much time on their hands! That's when you look at the person and pity their trust issues. :D

One thing that has been totally bothering me is any time anyone finds out I have a navy long disabce relationship they talk crap and say I'm getting cheated on! It's soooo annoying for me!

One thing that has been totally bothering me is any time anyone finds out I have a navy long disabce relationship they talk crap and say I'm getting cheated on! It's soooo annoying for me!

One thing that has been totally bothering me is any time anyone finds out I have a navy long disabce relationship they talk crap and say I'm getting cheated on! It's soooo annoying for me!

You are my HERO. <br />
<br />
My 20 year old brother (bless his heart) was over for dinner the other night. He has the most wonderful girlfriend who lives three hours away. Immediate phone access. They see eachother most weekends. Yeah.<br />
<br />
Two days after Reece left, we are sitting at the table with my untouched food and EIGHT WEEKS of loneliness in front of me and my brother sitting next to me, who sighs. <br />
<br />
And sighs again. <br />
<br />
And when he says, "I won't be able to see her another two days and she's too busy to return my text." <br />
<br />
HELLO?? <br />
<br />
It's hard. I'm happy to see him happy, but girl you have made the most righteous point. Our brave men have to EARN that next phone call and we have to wait it out for that next letter.

Thanks Janai... <br />
<br />
Yeah I just am so mad at them and want to tell them off. But I don't. <br />
<br />
I'm just like, for once shut up and understand what I go through. It's not always about you. But I smile as they go on cause I'm too nice.

Preach girl!!!! you're so right on. Some people just dont understand.

I'm so glad you posted about this because I had a funny and annoying experience with a "civilian girl" today. She's one of my best friends so I didn't say anything when she said all this. I just laughed to myself. <br />
<br />
Her boyfriend is still in high school and on the drumline. She walked into the color guard room so upset that he had to tune his drums instead of hanging out with her. She sees him everyday and he was about 20 feet away from her!! I said she should go in the room with him while he tunes them but she said no and went on about how she hates when someone says they will do something but the doesn't. We have to perform at half time tomorrow night and he had to be prepared. <br />
<br />
I told Cameron about it and he laughed with me. It was funny!! It's like she can't even understand! She said she had no idea how I survived Cameron going to boot camp but when you love someone that much you forget how hard it was when it's over. <br />
<br />
My mom also says she understands and feels my pain... She and my stepdad have a strange marriage. My stepdad is a farmer and works really late some nights and stays at his camp some nights. She sees him definitely every other day and talks to him on the phone when they're not together. She annoys me as much as a civilian girl. It's weird!<br />
<br />
Feels good to get all this off my chest :) Oh, I have also hidden people on facebook because of their ridiculous statuses saying they miss their guys after a few hours or they go one day without seeing him. They can't understand until they've been in our place!!

I hope you feel better.

I really love reading your stories. You make it real life and interesting. I love you're really good advice also :)<br />
<br />
I completely agree with you. My friend's boyfriend is in his last year in college at Knoxville. He is maybe a 4hr or so drive away. He goes home(which she lives) every holiday and some weekends. She can text him and get a reply almost instantly.They talk on FB almost every night. My favorite is that HE answers his phone every time SHE calls. We all are the ones waiting for that call, or that letter. <br />
<br />
Now I'm not putting her down or being mean, I just find it a little hilarious when she tries to talk to me about understanding exactly what I'm going through. I don't doubt her love or care for him, but I do doubt she understands what I and you lovely ladies are going through.