Finally Received My First Letters!

so my boyfriend left on september 8th for bootcamp. i was so lost the first couple of days without him. on the 7th he was in okc before he was sent to chicago and i got to go see him and spend time with him at the hotel for a couple hours. it was definately hard on both of us, because we really wanted to see and spend that last bit of time with eachother but we were dreading the goodbye. the goodbye was the hardest thing i've ever gone through in my life. i told him i would write to him every single night before bed...and that's what i've done.we finally got his address this past monday and i mailed out all of the letters that i already had written. i now mail one every morning from the night before when i go to work. :)

his mom and grandparents both got letters from him this past wednesday. i was at work and got a text from his mom excited that she had one and told me i probably had one home already. i called my roommate and made her check the mail and was super upset because i didn't get one. but i was sure i'd get one the next day. well yesterday i went home on my lunch break and had nothing. i was seriously devistated. i cried my whole lunch break. i really was expecting the worst today when i checked the mail. but LUCKILY i finally got mine. and there was TWO letters! i was so overwhelmed and excited....i couldn't stop shaking. it really helped to here from him. i feel more at ease i guess you could say. i know he's thinking of me and he's liking bootcamp. and he's just as anxious to see me as i am him. gosh! i just miss him so freakin much. but now is going to be the easy part i think. i have something to look forward too...gettin his letters every week. and i can't wait till i get a call from him!

i spend alot of time with his family...which definately helps. i love his family. and they always call or text to check up on me. i see them many times a week. and i still eat dinner with his whole family every sunday. :) that also gives me something to look forward too. i've done pretty good at staying really busy. i'm always with friends or family. if i'm at home i make sure i'm doing something. i like to crochet and be creative at making things. so i made a picture collage the other day. it turned out really good. :)

my sailor graduates bootcamp on november 5th. anyone else have a boyfriend that's graduating at that time?

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aww omg! that's so cute :) I wish I knew how to do that kind of stuff haha, I actually just ordered myself a sewing machine, so hopefully I'll be able to make some cute stuff and keep myself busy. 6 weeks will hopefully fly by :)

same with me! i'm constantly making things and decorating my room. i helped throw a baby shower for a friend today and i made her a baby hat and mittens. and my boyfriends mom made her a baby blanket that matched. i taught her how to do it. :) it was alot of fun! i sing all the time too. it always puts me in a good mood when i'm feeling sad or frustrated. i have set hours at work....but they've been giving me overtime lately because i get things done and i make them good money...which makes me more it's pretty much a win win situation. :)<br />
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yup...6 weeks. this wednesday it'll only be 5 more weeks. keep haning in there girl. we'll get through this together!

I feel the same way about my boyfriends family!! :) and I love artsy kinda stuff too! I go to an art school haha...I kept myself busy for almost two hours today putting pretty pink glass knobs on my wall to hang my necklaces on :) little things like that, even though they only keep me busy for a short time, put me in a good mood :) I just keep telling myself...only 6 more weeks!

my boyfriends mom is super helpful as well. his step dad was in the navy as well so that helps too. i like to crochet and do artsy things i guess. i've actually been in a baking kinda mood lately too. :) i just spend alot of time with his family and it definately helps. it helps me to feel close to him even though he's so far away. :)

aww! I booked my hotel for graduation already too! :) and the schedule says you can start being seating at 6am, but I heard to get there super early to get good seats...haha and I sooo agree, I'm not a morning person at all either! but it'll be worth it :)<br />
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and my boyfriends mom is SUPER helpful cause my boyfriends dad (her husband lol) joined the Army when they were about my age, so she totally gets what I'm going through, which totally makes her understand what I'm going through.<br />
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and to keep busy...haha, I've been baking non<x>stop! I've never baked before, but since my boyfriend left it's like all I do haha because it keeps me busy :) that...and I've been organizing like everything I own lol, it definitely keeps me busy!! And it's so hard to be happy about this it stinks them not being here :( but like you said, it's such a good thing for them!! :)<br />

i got his address on monday. i went to his recruiters stations because it's right next door to my work pretty much. i send him one every morning.<br />
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it does help knowing that there are other girls out there who know exactly how you feel and about some of the frustrations that you're having. my family and friends are very supportive and they try to understand...but they wont ever fully understand unless they have to go through it. :)<br />
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we've already booked our hotel for graduation. from what i understand graduation is super early in the morning. ugh...i'm not that big of a morning person haha. <br />
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what are some of the things you guys have done to stay busy? if i'm not doing something i feel like my mind wanders and all i think about is how he's not here and how bad i want him here. i dont like feeling sad all the time. i'm happy for him because he's enjoying it and this is just a small step to making our lives that much better. :)

lol i dont know exactly, i just remember him telling me it had something to do with plots? haha im not even sure if thats right. <br />
all my friends dont understand what im going through, so i needed someplace where i can talk to other girls about this, because my friends are no help lol

eek! what is your boyfriends job?! do you know the exact name of it since it relates to electronics? haha i've been trying to remember what my boyfriends is for weeks, but all i can remember is that it has to do with electronics! haha<br />
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and sooo agreed :) whenever I'm bummed I just come on this site haha

lol mine has something with electronics too. it feels so good to FINALLY relate to other girls who are dealing with this :)

yes I'll be at graduation!! wouldn't miss it for the world :) and I'm not exactly sure on the title of his job, but I know it has something to do with electronics lol. I just got his address on Tuesday so I've been sending letters non<x>stop :) :)

jacksonville, about 4 hours north of me

laura16 - that's awesome! and i love his family! it helps alot and they are super supportive of his decision and of me and him. i am going to his graduation. i can't wait. maybe we'll meet up and see eachother. :) are you going to graduation too? what job did he get? mine got air traffic controller. <br />
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allyxoxobaby - ya letters are definately gonna help. i can't wait to finally see him again! where is your boyfriend stationed at?

aww! my boyfriend left for bootcamp in january 2010 and i thought i would never get over it but we wrote to each other and got through it. i had school though so i couldnt go to his graduation :( but the second i got the chance to see him i flew out to spend time with my baby.<br />
best of luck! :)

My boyfriend graduates November 5th too!! :)<br />
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And that's so awesome you finally got letters, I cannot waiiiit until I get mine! And, I have to say, spending time with your boyfriends family is so great, I do the same with my boyfriends parents, I make sure I go over there AT LEAST once a week to see them :) it definitely does help!!<br />
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Are you going to his graduation? :)