Socal Here I Come!!

Yesterday I spent hours figuring out airplane ticktes, hotels, events and everything to go visit my sailor! His mom, step dad, and myself are leaving Feb.17 and coming back the 21st. My sailor gets deployed the 22nd so it's perfect timing for us. I'll be with him the 17th afternoon, then the 19th, 20th, and 21st morning before we leave. I'm so excited to see him again! Even though he hasn't been gone, I've been really lucky with how much we get to see each other, 3 times since July! Bootcamp grad, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We can text/talk/email just about every day.
He plans to take me out to dinner, and go to the zoo to buy me a big stuffed animal haha. Hopefully everything works out, I've already bought the tickets, hotel room, and rental car, so it's basically a for sure thing =) It makes me feel a lot better about his deployment, when he was here over Christmas, the last day I kept saying and thinking, "This can't be the last time I see you before you leave..." So I took things into my own hands, got everything together, and we're both very excited!
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1 Response Jan 10, 2011

He's in San Diego right??? The Zoo should be fun and nice, you'll have a lot of fun with him there! make sure to bring sunblock because that will be a lot of walking :) I'm from LA btw thats why i know.