Some Days Just Seem Impossible.

You know those days where you miss your man but you also start to wonder if they miss you too? Where a little something is off so you fixate on it and convince yourself its some huge deal. The days when you know you're pmsing but you can't help but to feel alone and abandoned because you don't get to talk to your sailor or if you do, the conversation seems to be missing that little bit of something that lifts you up.

I'm having one of those days. Zack has been in FMTB (field medical training battalion for navy hospital corpsmen) for only about two weeks now and it's starting to wear me down. We met after he had finished bootcamp so I never had to experience it but he says this training is really a lot like bootcamp again and judging by the amount we can communicate, I'd say it's pretty similar. We can text occasionally, but with a five hour time difference and his long hours, it's usually only late at night for me. He doesn't respond to emails or facebook messages.

Some days I just get worn out, ya know the feeling? The feeling like I spend so much time and energy being perky and happy for him the few minutes I hear from him because I know he needs my support, but some days I wonder who's supporting me cause it feels like I'm all alone. That's why I love this site so much, you girls support me so that I can support him. So on days like today, days when i'm particularly upset or feeling weak, I can come here and read your stories and share mine and feel like I'm not so alone.

Thanks ladies.
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i know exactly how you feel, ive been feeling like this a lot lately, like my friends are telling me stories about their guys and love interests and im happy for them, but i get mad or almost jelous bc mine is so far away :( i hate it !! because they talk about it all the time and then they ask so hows rob?? and im like "umm idk i mean, i got a letter todayy but .." and its so frusteratingg!! lol

oh my i feel you... its really hard communicating with him especially of the time difference. you know, nowadays, patience is not a virtue, its a TALENT... and we gurls should have that. LOL. :))

Nah, I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I say I'll wait until he texts me but I always lose my resolve and end up texting him. I know that if he could he would be talking to me, but I also know that it's important for him to be on top of things in training and that's not easy if he doesn't get along with the guys he's with. So even though sometimes it sucks that he spends his saturdays out with the boys instead of sitting on skype with me, it's just gotta be like that. <br />
How long has it been since you've heard from your sailor?

I understand, I would always try so hard to talk to him but he was so busy with SWCC that I didn't feel like he was trying, some days I would get tired and just want to give up, not break up, just not talk for a while so I could find out if he missed me. Idk if I was just being a bad person or what but sometimes I just wouldn't text him and wait a few days to see if he'd mss me enough to text me. He knew what I was doing though so that didn't really work. I was probably being immature but I was upset. I'd do anything to hear from him now, it's been too long since we've talked

Thanks :) I'm aiming for today to be better.

Ive had those days, Im sure everyone on here has had those days. Its ok to be sad, but the next day just try and make it a better one. It will be ok :)