Really Feeling Down ( I Need My Navy Girls)

Lately I have been on a emotional rollar coaster. Someday are good and some days are bad. Some days all I wanna do is think about my boyfriend and some days I dont wanna say his name. Is this normal? I know I love him but like today I dont even wanna really picture him in my mind. When  I do thnk of him I feel really nervous and this has happend alot. Sometimes I wake up shaking. Idk what to do or think. Do I still feel the same way about him?  I have never ever felt like this before and It all started 2days after he left. I cant really talk to anyone because nobody understands so Im givin you all a shot. WHATS WRONG WITH ME??
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8 Responses Apr 22, 2011

Thanks so much all of you that really helped alot. It feels so good to know that im not alone. :)

Hey like most people have said already your feelings are probably just from missing him. <br />
My boyfriend leaves in 2 weeks and I'm already begining to feel some if the same things that you are and yea it's scary lol but just know that if you need someone to talk to that we are all here for you. Isn't that why we joined this? Lol you'll be ok I'm sure of it :)

@Stranger1 thanks if I need anything else I will b sure to message you :). @kenzie1115 Your right I should start writing my feelings down. Idk I guess I always been afraid of being without him and now that he's gone my emotions have been through the roof. I mean I feel and think things I would have never even thought of while he was home. thanks so much love. :)

hate to say it but its somethin u will get use to.. my boyfriend has been gone 2 months and the day he left i cried everyday for thre first to week and what made it wrose is i was sstayin at his house.. there is nothing wrong with you when u go frm be able to talk anf touch the one u love whenever u want to not even being able to jus hear then say i love you.. its really hard but as time goes on things will get better ny bf jus got outta bootcamp on the 15th of this month and i still dont get to talk to him much because i been so busy... this has to be one of the hardest relationships i have ever been in.. i love my bf sooo much im duuin all i can to stay strong there are days now that i jus read his letters and cry or wear his navy t-shirt jus because it still smeels like him frm when he left... i wanna say it get eaiser but it dont.. as time goes on u will learn to cope with it... and u will get better an ddealing with the fact that he is and will be away a lot.... but when its all over u will see how much ur love for him will grow ... the wait and hurt is wroth it it really is... u hold on to what u love no matter what... good luck to u... =)

I don't think anything is wrong with you, I think you just miss your guy! : ) Everyone has different ways of dealing with everything, and that might be the way your body is dealing with it. I would just try and think of the positive things, because thinking about him and missing him all the time is taking a tole on you mentally and physically. i mean I miss and think about my guy like alll the time but just try not to dwell on it or question your relationship because you'll drive your self insane and eventually make yourself sick and I'm sure that's not what he would want you to do. Maybe if you started writing a journal about all the things that you were feeling or wondering so then they would get off your chest or find another way to get your feelings out. I think it's normal to question feelings but if you guys left on good terms and loving each other I would just keep thinking that way because once you start to doubt that feeling he may have for you or vise versa your putting yourself through torture, just reassure yourself that the time apart isn't forever and it will be worth it all in the end. I just try and always think positive and write letters like everyday which helps, your a strong girl and I know you will make it through this! : ) Hope this helped a little! haha. : )

no problem.. thats what we're all here.. if you ever need someone to talk to you could send me a message if you'd like =)

Thanks it did help. I never thought of it has coping until you said that so I guess thats what it is. I do try to keep my self busy and try my best to not think about him. Sometimes I try so hard my head hurts ( like today) lol but thankyou that really helped. :)

I think this is just your way of trying to cope with him being gone.. everyone copes differently... the truth is you miss him and some days the best way to cope with him being gone is by being busy and trying not to think about him.. that doesnt make you love him any less.. trust me there is nothing wrong with you.... being a S/O with someone in the military takes a lot of adjusting and getting use to... the truth is its gonna always hurt when he's away but you just gonna be strong and do what you can to cope.. hope that helps